What is NAPEO?

NAPEO, the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, is the largest trade association for professional employer organizations nationwide. NAPEO has approximately 350 PEO members operating in all 50 states, representing approximately 90 percent of the revenues of the $68 billion industry. NAPEO’s members range in size from start-up PEOs to large, publicly held companies with years of success in the industry. NAPEO provides robust member resources, vital networking and referrals, hard-hitting education, and effective public relations and marketing support. NAPEO advocates for the interests of its PEO members at all levels of government.

For more information on NAPEO or to verify our membership status in NAPEO, visit www.napeo.org, or call (703) 836-0466.

We are a proud NAPEO Member.

What this means to your company and your employees:

We are dedicated to staying informed of the legislative and regulatory environment as a PEO and as an employer.

NAPEO membership offers a variety of resources to keep our PEO informed about the legislative and regulatory environment that we operate in. From a state-by-state and federal regulatory database, to ongoing member communications, NAPEO works to make sure that our PEO has the resources available to stay in the know about emerging regulatory and legislative issues affecting us as a PEO, and as an employer.

We are committed to ongoing professional development.

Through a variety of member communications, networking opportunities, specialty educational programming, conferences, and other meetings, NAPEO provides our PEO with the opportunity to stay informed about the industry’s latest trends and issues.

Through NAPEO, we have access to industry-specific professional performance practices.

Our PEO references NAPEO’s performance practices in the areas of financial performance, operational requirements, and ethical conduct as part of our dedication to professionalism in the PEO industry. Adherence to such practices is voluntary and not required as a condition for membership.

NAPEO membership is a powerful partnership and an investment in our PEO business.

As a member of NAPEO, we pull from the collective strength of an association built on more than 25 years of experience. NAPEO is dedicated to our success and continually works to strengthen our PEO.